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The Shied of Faith

Ephesians 6:16

In every situation take the shield of faith, and with it you will be able to extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one.

Verses 14-17 of this chapter describe the full armor of God we are to wear in battling spiritual warfare. Know for certain that if you are a Christian, at some point the Devil will attack you to try to steal your joy and your peace. He may even try to convince you that you are not a Christian. He will hurl insults, negative and terrifying thoughts, fears, and anything he finds damaging against you. Should you find yourself in this place, you have threatened his territory in some manner. While he may attack, you have weapons of warfare against him. Dress well, and carry on.

Faith is a shield, which is used for protection. Faith must have an object, which is Jesus Christ. Even when you can’t trust your own works or actions, you can always have faith in the finished work of the cross. Jesus’s work for you is complete, and His love for you is everlasting. Nothing can separate us from His love, and you can always have faith that He will act for you and never against you. Regardless of what the Devil may say, God placed your punishment on the cross. Jesus died so you could have life and have it more abundantly. 

I recently read a quote by M. Scott Peck from People of the Lie. In reference to people who are influenced by evil, he said, “God does not punish. We punish ourselves.” If you are a Christian, your sin has already been punished on the cross. I’m not talking about discipline. God disciplines those He loves through conviction and by steering them in the right direction. Punishment has to do with condemnation and judgment. God loves you, and your faith in Him is a protection against the assault of the enemy, who will try to convince you God has rejected you.

We must take this shield of faith with us wherever we go. We can’t just put it on a shelf and head out into the world, where we are sure to encounter evil. Our faith is not just something to use on special occasions, like fine china when company comes to dinner. Your faith should be a staple part of your wardrobe, just like your pants or your handbag. You don’t need to leave home without it! In every situation, take your shield of faith against the enemy.

When fearful thoughts tell you things will not end well and you are doomed, hold up your shield of faith and believe that God will work all things together for your good! When you look at the task before you and feel you will never overcome, take up your shield of faith and remember that God is always with you. He is strong where you are weak, and He is for you. Faith requires you to look beyond yourself and depend upon another for help. God is our ever present help in times of trouble, and He has our back. Hold up your shield, and continue the fight.  The attack itself means there is something awaiting you that is worth the fight!

Have a blessed day!

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