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Walking in High Places

2 Samuel 22:34

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer and sets me securely on the heights.

God prepares us to walk in high places. Unless he prepares us, we will stumble and fall. A deer is known for its agility, swiftness, and beauty. With hooves that can handle mountain terrain, they flourish in places where valley dwellers can’t go.

As Christians, we often fight His preparation. We’d rather sleep a little later than get up early to study and pray. We’ll pass on an opportunity to serve because we’d rather do something else. We let our emotions rule us, rather than follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. By ignoring God’s preparation, we forfeit the heights to which He wishes to take us.

At times, however, moving higher is necessary for God’s plan. If we’ve resisted His preparation, He may allow us to encounter situations where we have no choice but to let Him prepare us to move higher. He may let us stumble and fall a few times so we will submit our feet to Him and allow Him to fashion them to walk in places we’ve never before walked. When God is ready to take you higher, He will take you there. You will be better suited to walk if you have already submitted to His preparation.

Today, determine to submit your feet to God. Let Him take you where you can serve others and bring Him glory. Each time you serve with a cheerful heart, He will equip you with something else you need to climb higher. Let God prepare you to walk in high places. You’ve just survived long enough. Be willing and ready to thrive!

Have a blessed day!

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