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Your Arbitrator

Job 16:21-22

I wish that someone might arbitrate between a man and God just as a man pleads for his friend. For only a few years will pass before I go the way of no return.

Job felt the bitter taste of loss of family, wealth, and health. His friends accused him falsely and gave him no comfort. He truly felt as if God’s hand was against him. In his suffering, he wished he had an arbitrator between man and God to plead his case that he might find mercy in God’s eyes and be relieved of his misery.

We have an arbitrator before God in Jesus Christ. In the midst of our pain and suffering, we can cry out to Him, and He stands before the Father on our behalf. When we hear the voice of the accuser against us, we can turn to our arbitrator, knowing He is pleading our case to the Father. Even if we know we have failed God in something, we still have an arbitrator before Him in Jesus Christ who has already paid the penalty of our sin so we might rise from our ashes and follow Him. While we are in the process of being transformed from the nature of sinful man to the Christ-like appearance of God’s saints, Jesus stands as our arbitrator to keep us qualified for the race set before us.

God restored Job, who had no arbitrator to plead his case. God afflicted him to prove a point to the devil that Job was a righteous man. We have been given the righteousness of Jesus Christ. How much more will God restore us after allowing us to suffer the attacks of the enemy while Jesus stands at His right side interceding on our behalf!

Place your faith fully in your arbitrator today. Job longed for such an advocate before the Father. Rest in the full assurance that Jesus is interceding for you today, and He wants you free from your enemies and fully functioning in all that He died for you to have. God will take the word of His Son for you over the word of your enemy against you! God restored Job, and He can restore you, too. Your arbitrator stands before Him for you. Hallelujah!

Have a blessed day!

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