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Turn Your Hope

Psalm 25:1

LORD, I turn my hope to You.

Have you ever been disappointed in someone or feel as if someone or something trusted had failed you? Apparently, David did, too. As he expressed in this verse, he had learned to turn his hope to God.

If you turn something, it must first be in a different position. If I’m driving down the road and want to go left, I must turn my wheels in that direction. While it can be very easy to misplace our hope in things that will not satisfy or leave us in lack, we have the ability to turn our hope in a different direction. Like David, we can turn our steering wheel of hope toward God, who never disappoints us or leaves us. He has called us according to His purpose, and we are wise to place our hope firmly in Him and in nothing else.

If someone has hurt you, disappointed you, or failed to deliver on a promise or obligation, turn your hope to God. Your success and well-being are rooted in Him. He has called you, and He will complete the good work He has started in you. There is nothing He cannot do, and He can do more that you can imagine! Turn your hope to God and be blessed beyond your imagination.

Have a blessed day!

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