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From Victim to Victor

Isaiah 42:21-22

The LORD was pleased, because of His righteousness, to magnify His instruction and make it glorious. But this is a people plundered and looted, all of them trapped in holes or imprisoned in dungeons. They have become plunder with no one to rescue them, and loot, with no one saying, “Give it back!”

God magnified His law and made it the standard by which His people should live. By His law, the Israelites were blessed and judged. His people, however, fell into sin and did not regard His law. Therefore, they were robbed and plundered with no one to come to their rescue or to defend them. Instead of turning from their ways, they saw themselves as victims and remained imprisoned, plundered, and looted. Eventually, God showed them the error of their way, and they turned back to Him. When they did, He restored them.

As long as we see ourselves as victims, we will remain a victim. The only way to overcome and become a victor is to assume responsibility for your own sin, repent, and turn to God. At that point, His grace abounds to you! Grace is not for the victim; grace is for the repentant.

The victim admits no wrong and wants to keep his sin. The sin will keep him imprisoned, and no one can help him. The repentant, however, changes his thinking and his actions to align with God, and God sets him on the right path to restoration. For the repentant, God will gather together all the broken pieces of a life torn apart by sin and create a new being with a new purpose full of vitality and expectancy. God goes to work on behalf of the repentant and makes him a victor.

Determine to be a victor and not a victim today. Even if your circumstances are the result of someone else’s wrongdoing, you don’t have to keep a victim mentality. Turn to God and trust Him to restore whatever the enemy has stolen from you, whether it be by sin or by attack. God no longer exalts His law, but He exalts His Son. In Him, we have grace, hope, and the promise of new life. In Him, we are more than conquerors and no longer have to live as a victim. Rejoice in His victory and be blessed!

Have a blessed day!

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