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The Power of a Word

Luke 7:9

Jesus heard all this and was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd following Him, He said, “I tell you, I have not found so great a faith even in Israel.”

A Roman Centurion had a slave who was very valuable to him, and the slave became very ill. This Centurion had been among the Jewish people long enough to have heard of Jesus, and he knew Jesus could heal his slave. He also knew he wasn’t Jewish, and Jesus had no right to grant him anything. He was an outsider, a foreigner, a Gentile, and he was a Roman soldier, which made him an enemy to the Jewish faith. Apparently, he sympathized with the Jews and had accommodated them at times, so they took the news of the slave’s illness to Jesus on his behalf.

The Centurion heard Jesus was approaching his house, so he sent messengers out to meet Jesus and give Him a message. As a soldier under authority himself, He recognized Jesus’s authority and knew if He ordered something to happen, it would. Whatever He commanded would be done. Jesus admonished his faith and granted his request.

Jesus responds to faith. None of us deserve to be blessed or to have our prayers answered, but as Christians, we have the righteousness of Christ, which makes us worthy. We, too, can trust His authority. If Jesus gives the command, it will be done. We need only to take Him at His word and believe.

Jesus had found no greater faith than that of the Centurion in all of Israel. Even His own disciples asked for signs at times. This man having authority and placed under authority understood what His word meant. All He needed was one word from Jesus to believe, and he had what he desired.

Are you willing to take Jesus at His word today, or are you still looking for a sign? Jesus responds to faith, and He has the authority to grant what you need. Search His word and know what it says for you. If He would grant the request of a Roman Centurion, He will surely grant the request of one of His own. Respond to His word in faith today, and trust His power to act for you.

Have a blessed day!

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