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Know Jesus and Know God

John 1:18

No one has ever seen God. The One and Only Son – the One who is at the Father’s side – He has revealed Him.

The only way we can know God is through His Son, Jesus Christ. What seems right, logical, or even fair to us does not mean it is from God. We have a natural mindset of standards, but God judges us by His standards. We must remember that we have a fallen nature as human beings, and that fallen nature subjects us to sin and imperfection. The only way to know what God deems as right and just is to know His word. He gave us His standards through Moses, and none of us can live up to them. For this reason, He sent Jesus Christ to die for us so we could have fellowship and stand in right relationship with Him.

During HIs earthly life, Jesus taught us about the Father. He completely obeyed the law given through Moses, and no fault or sin was found in Him. For this reason, only He could become the sacrifice needed for our sins. Out of HIs great love for us, He willingly gave Himself on the cross so we might not perish from our own sins, which would have been just. Jesus Christ revealed the grace and the truth of the Father.

Our culture wants to talk about God’s love in a way that permits anything and everything we, as fallen humans, see as fair. We have no ability to accurately judge fairness in our fallen state. While God does love His people, He is also just, meaning that He will and must judge sin as He defines it. Therefore, we would be wise to know how He defines sin and what to do about it if we are guilty, which we are. The answer is in Christ. He has revealed the Father to us by loving us enough to take our just punishment on the cross.

Some people mistakenly believe that a loving God could never send anyone to hell. On the contrary! A just God must. If God loved us so much that He gave us His only begotten Son to die so we could live with Him eternally, we will be judged according to how we treated His Son. If we reject His Son, we reject His love. A loving God will most certainly send people to hell who reject His beloved Son after He paid the ultimate price. Today, Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of the Father as His accepted sacrifice and intercedes for us. If we have rejected Him, we have no advocate before the Father. Know His word; know His Son; and Know the Father. Otherwise, He will not know you.

Have a blessed day!

PHOEBE Connections, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to enhancing the lives of widows by building relationships and helping them find new identity in Jesus Christ through serving others. We promote an atmosphere of fellowship, where the widow can connect with other widows to develop friendships and supportive relationships.