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Not the Judge

John 8:15

You judge by human standards. I judge no one.

These words are the words of Jesus, Himself. He did not come into the world to judge the world but to give His life for us. He came to take our judgment upon Himself so we might escape judgment and live eternally with the Father.

We either believe Jesus is the Son of God who takes away our sins and receive Him as Savior, or we reject Him. He is not our judge; He is our advocate before the Father. We must realize that the only way we can stand before a righteous God is in the righteousness of a perfect lamb, and Jesus is that perfect lamb sacrificed for our sins. He is our gift from God to escape judgment from our sins. Unless we freely receive that gift and follow Jesus, we will be judged by the ultimate judge, God the Father.

Our culture does not like to be judged. No one wants to be held accountable for wrongdoing. The best way to get away with sin is to cloud the definition of sin. If the culture accepts it, people won’t judge it. Jesus did not judge, but He did correct false teaching, especially among religious leaders. He preached the truth about God, and many did not like it. In fact, they detested Him so much that they plotted to kill Him, carrying out the very sacrifice needed for our sins. If the world rejected Jesus, they will reject His followers, too. We can only speak the truth and trust the Holy Spirit to lead those whose hearts are inclined to follow. Those who reject Christ are judged already.

Pray for our country. This world desperately needs Jesus, and the majority seems to be rejecting Him. They may reject us, but we still need to pray. Jesus did not come to this world to judge, and neither should we. He did come to proclaim the truth and reveal the Father, and we should follow His lead. As our leaders have rejected God’s word, they have fallen into darkness and cannot lead with wisdom. Pray. God still hears the voices of His people. Don’t become discouraged or dismayed. You belong to Him, and you have an advocate through Jesus Christ. Those who adamantly oppose Christian views have no advocate and will ultimately be judged by the Father. Choose to have a heart to love those who persecute the Christian faith. Their only hope lies in our prayers, but our hope is found in the resurrection power of Christ. He has promised us victory in the end.

Have a blessed day!

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