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Learn to Fear the LORD

Psalm 34:11

Come, children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

I find it interesting that we have to be taught to fear the LORD. Our human nature naturally fears self -harm, but our hearts often desire what is evil and will truly harm us. As a result, we fight the good to preserve the bad and never learn to fear God and receive the good. We must learn to fear God and follow Him and turn away from the evil that seeks to ensnare us.

We live in a culture that follows the desires of the flesh. Selfish desires have become “rights,” and honoring God is now seen among many, if not most of the population, as evil. We, as Christians, need to turn off the voices of the world around us and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He teaches us to fear the LORD. With godly fear comes wisdom, which is a rare commodity in our world. Gaining wisdom will be necessary in moving forward into the future, and God holds that future, regardless of what any political leader or party might promise.

Become like a little child and listen to the Holy Spirit as He teaches you to fear the LORD. Hold fast to biblical teaching, and don’t accept the values of the world. God has made us to be eternal creatures, and He holds eternity in His hand. Learn from Him, fear Him, and be guided by Him. His plans for you are good, and only He can bring them to pass. Evil – compromise with the world – can offer you nothing but dissatisfaction and continual longing for that thing God has placed in your heart. Embrace wisdom by learning to fear the LORD, and take hold of everything God has promised.

Have a blessed day!

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