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Matthew 13:57b-58

But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his household.” And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.

Have you ever felt discounted? When I shop, I often hit the clearance racks first to see what treasures someone else has overlooked. I’m all about paying less for a great item and feeling like I found a bargain. When you find that item, however, you know that it has been rejected by those willing to pay full price. It was not the first chosen. No one else was willing to pay what the owner or manager originally thought it was worth. Its price was decreased before anyone wanted it.

God’s call upon our life does not cheapen us; it increases our value. Just because someone may discount you does not mean you are worth less; it simply means that someone does not recognize the value God places upon you. Such is often the case among those who are familiar with you. Those who take you for granted will not see your real value until you are no longer there or someone else recognizes your worth.

Prophets were highly honored in the Old Testament because God spoke directly to them. He gave them a word to deliver to the people. They were esteemed to have heard directly from God, and their word was treasured. Jesus was more than a prophet – He was the very Son of God. Yet, those in His own hometown – those closest to Him – failed to recognize His worth. They marveled at His teaching, became offended, and discounted Him because they knew His family. Because they were familiar with Him, they failed to see the spectacular in Him, and, thereby, could not receive a miracle because of their unbelief. They were the ones who missed the treasure by overlooking what was most valuable and right in front of them. Because of their neglect, Jesus was forced to go elsewhere to teach and perform miracles.

If you are going to ever make a difference in this world, you must get beyond your comfort zone and places of familiarity. You will be very limited in these areas. If Jesus could perform few miracles in His own hometown, you aren’t likely to perform many in yours, either. Dare to stretch out and go beyond your current borders to reach someone who will be willing to receive what God has placed inside you. If your own family won’t listen to you, then minister to someone else’s.

God has invested in you. He has called you and anointed you. You have great value in His eyes. As Isaiah 62:3 says, you are a crown in God’s hand and a royal diadem in the palm of your God. You have great worth and value, and never let anyone else’s opinion of you trump what God says about you. He treasures you, and He will use you for His glory. Jesus left His hometown to minister to those who would receive Him. Look outside your comfort zone, and find someone who needs you. A prophet of God finds honor. You are someone’s treasure, and they are waiting to find you.

Have a blessed day!

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