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Remember Me with Favor

Nehemiah 13:31b

Remember me, my God, with favor.

Nehemiah had responded to a call to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem while serving the King of Persia. His homeland lay in waste with nothing to protect it and vulnerable to attack. Nehemiah grieved over the long history of devastation of the city and desired to do something about it. He returned and rebuilt the wall within 52 days.

Nehemiah’s leadership brought people together to rebuild what the enemy had destroyed in their lives. Much of Nehemiah’s work consisted of appointing others to duty and having them fulfill their appropriate roles. He had the foresight to know what needed to be done and who should do it. He was a very gifted administrator.

The wall of the city had to be rebuilt first before the individual homes could be rebuilt. Unless the wall was in place and guarded, enemies could attack and destroy their work. Multiple threats came while they were rebuilding the wall, and Nehemiah carefully placed guards at every gate, post, and home. He also appointed the Levites to clean and guard the sanctuary and the singers to offer praise and worship to God while the work was being conducted. After the wall was rebuilt and guarded from attack, people could concentrate on building their homes. Likewise, after Nehemiah had finished his mission, he asked for personal favor.

Nehemiah’s order of business focused upon completing the mission God had given him before he gained anything personally. Today, we see too many people concerned about what they can gain personally from something before they are willing to participate. Such an attitude distinguishes a true leader from a follower. A leader moves with passion from a mission placed upon the heart while a follower has no sense of a greater purpose than his/her own need or desire. God honored Nehemiah’s leadership and made him effective. We certainly need more like Nehemiah today!

What mission has God laid upon your heart? Follow through with His command first, and ask for His favor when you have finished. God honors obedience, and He gives His people wisdom and ability to carry out their tasks effectively. Don’t procrastinate or worry about your own needs. Once you have completed the greater mission of building God’s kingdom around you, your own home can be rebuilt while God looks upon you with favor. Don’t wait to follow God until He meets your needs or desires; move out in obedience and trust He will grant you favor when you have completed your mission. His plans for you are good, and His favor is necessary.

Have a blessed day!

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