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Embracing Grace

Genesis 16:1-2

Abram’s wife Sarai had not borne him children. She owned an Egyptian slave names Hagar. Sarai said to Abram, “Since the LORD has prevented me from bearing children, go to my slave; perhaps I can have children by her.” And Abram agreed to what Sarai said.

The practice of surrogate motherhood was common in ancient near-eastern cultures, so Sarai’s suggestion to Abram was not unreasonable, as our culture would see it. In this case, however, Abram should have read between the lines. Sarai felt cursed by God, and her heart was breaking because she could not bear him children. What she really needed was his assurance that God would keep His promise to them. His agreement to go to Hagar reveals his lack of faith, as well. To produce a child through her indicated they believed God’s promise was for Abram and not for Sarai.

All Sarai knew was that her own efforts could not fulfill God’s promise, so she looked for another means. Our own efforts will never fulfill God’s promises, either. When we need a work that only He can do, we must trust Him to do it. Otherwise, we might have some illegitimate “children” on our hands that we have to feed. Our ability to fully enjoy what God brings through promise might be hindered by the obstacles we create for ourselves along the way. If God has given a promise, He will fulfill it in His timing. Your job is to be obedient and trust until He does.

The wait is always the hard part for us. We begin to question ourselves. Did we really hear from God? Did we miss direction or opportunity somewhere? Is God punishing me by withholding what I truly want? All of these questions are self-related. In times of waiting and questioning, we need to take our eyes off of ourselves and start reminding ourselves of who God is. God is greater than our need. He is able to do what He says He will do. He does love us enough to give us that thing. We need to look away from ourselves and upward to Him.

You are not cursed, punished, nor disqualified. Your God is able, willing, and greater. Simply believe, and walk in Him daily. Give it to Him completely because there is nothing you can do with it, anyway. Enjoy this life God has given you while you wait for His promises to be fulfilled. Embrace the grace He has given you, and watch your dreams unfold.

Have a blessed day!

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