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Moving on to Open Spaces

Genesis 26:22

He (Isaac) moved from there (Gerar) and dug another (well), and they did not quarrel over it. He named it Open Spaces and said, “For now the LORD has made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the land.”

God extended His promise of blessing from Abraham to his son, Isaac. God made Isaac very prosperous, and his neighbors became jealous. They blocked the wells Abraham had dug, so Isaac moved to Gerar and dug more wells. The Philistines quarreled with him over the new wells, so he named them Quarrel and Hostility and turned them over to the Philistines. From there, Isaac moved on to another area and dug a well, where he found peace. He named that place Open Spaces because God had finally made room for him to grow and become fruitful.

Gerar means “to chew the cud.” These are the places where we contemplate, meditate, complain, argue, and ask the “Why” questions. While every road to success has a Gerar placed in it, we don’t have to stay there long. Opposition may create an obstacle to our success, but it doesn’t have the last word. If we will move just a little further down the road and dig a new well, God will grant us Open Spaces to success. 

Like Isaac’s enemies, we are disillusioned if we think any well is the source of our blessing. Wherever Isaac moved, God moved with him, and He does with us, as well. No one else can steal your blessing or prevent what God has destined for you. Your success is God’s success because when others see you, they are drawn to Him. While the Devil will try to block you, expect God to make a way for you. Move a little further down the road, and find Open Spaces, where you can be fruitful and multiply as God intends.

Have a blessed day!

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