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Facing Attack

Psalm 129:2

Since my youth they have often attacked me, but they have not prevailed against me.

The enemy attacks for two reasons: either he is threatened and wants to maintain ground, or he intends to take what is not rightfully his. That, my friend, means you are of great value and highly blessed. If you didn’t have something someone else wanted, you would not be the target of attack. Satan begins his attacks upon the young and vulnerable, but God does not allow him to prevail against His children. He knows those who are His from birth and protects us even before we decide to follow Him. He allows the enemy only enough success to get us to the place where we are in position for His plan to unfold.

You will always face trouble in this world because the Devil is its prince and ruler. Only when we enter heaven will we find complete peace and rest from his schemes. God will see us through our trouble until we reach our final destination. When the enemy finally thinks he has conquered us for good, we will be resting in the presence of Jesus, experiencing the ultimate victory! Until then, we can expect trouble, but we can also expect God to work it all for our good and His glory. He has a plan for the enemy’s plan, and we are the victors!

If you are facing difficulty today, be assured that it will not prevail against you. If you are encountering enemy attacks, you must be on your way to something good because he doesn’t attack where there is no threat or nothing to gain. Keep moving forward, knowing that God is fighting for you. When you find yourself in deep waters, He is there with you. The enemy is no match for God’s divine providence, and God’s plan for you is greater than the enemy’s plot against you.

Have a blessed day!

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