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God Stills the Storms

Psalm 107:29

He stilled the storm to a murmur, and the waves of the sea were hushed.

The preceding verses describe a storm the LORD stirred up simply by speaking. The men who were caught in its path were very skilled men, but they were no contest for the raging sea that threatened their very lives. They cried out to God in the midst of their distress, and He stilled the storm to a murmur, causing the waves of the sea to hush. When we have absolutely no control over the storms that hit us, He has absolute control.

Our talents, skills, abilities, and strength are no match for many of the storms that come our way. When we find ourselves in the midst of crashing waves and unprotected from mighty winds and torrential downpours of stuff, we realize just how weak and vulnerable we really are. Trying to overcome these storms in our own strength is foolish, though most of us try. In these times, we learn to cry out to God and depend upon His grace to see us through the chaos. We learn that we are loved by the heavenly Father, and our life must have some reason – some purpose for which He has called us and is guiding us to fulfill. When we won’t surrender in our strength, God will bring us to a place where we can do nothing but surrender in our weakness.

Do you feel the wind, the waves, and the pouring rain? Don’t try to weather this storm alone. Cry out to God. The storm is subject to His voice, and He can still it at any moment. The good thing about storms is that they are very temporary, and the key is simply to endure until it ends. We may have some cleaning up to do after a storm, but its work can also be very beneficial to us – especially if it gives us a new perspective and appreciation for the God who blesses and protects us. God is not trying to destroy you; He’s merely drawing you closer to Him.

Have a blessed day!

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