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God Declares New Events

God Declares New Events

Isaiah 42:9

The past events have indeed happened. Now I declare new events; I announce them to you before they occur.

God had announced former prophecies that had come to pass, but He still had plans for a future for His people. They went into bondage because of sin, but God brought them out and established a new covenant of grace through Jesus Christ. While we all have had a past, whether good or bad, God still has plans for us. He does not give up on us or forget us because of failure. He will use our failures to strengthen us, teach us, and lead us into the very plan He has designed for us. Are we ready to hear new plans?

If we dwell on the past and believe the best days are behind us, we won’t be able to accept new events that God wishes to declare to us. If we allow failure to define us as an individual, we will never see ourselves as the success God created us to be. We must realize that we are a work in progress and believe that God is still working in us. Otherwise, we will never move forward; we will be stuck in the pit of unmet dreams and goals with no hope of getting out.

God has new plans for you. He will announce them to you ahead of time, but you must be willing to forgive yourself of your own failure in order to receive His new promises. He still has faith in you because He created you, and He knows what He plans to bring forth in you. God judged your sin on the cross, and your submission to Christ gives you new life. You are born again not only spiritually but emotionally to start again. You are truly a new creation and can believe and hope again, despite failure. The beauty of the cross is found in its finality. No more sacrifice is needed. When Jesus said, “It is finished,” it truly was finished. You can have new life – new hopes and dreams – because Christ died for you. The past did indeed happen, but God has new events for you. Listen carefully as He announces them to you, and believe.

Have a blessed day!

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