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Leading the Blind

Isaiah 42:16

I will lead the blind by a way they did not know; I will guide them on paths they have not known. I will turn darkness to light in front of them, and I will not forsake them.

Have you ever just felt lost – like you were in a fog and had no idea where your future was taking you? If so, this verse addresses that sinking feeling and gives hope to those who need to find light at the end of a tunnel. God promises to lead the blind – those who cannot see clearly which way to go –  and to guide them on paths that are unfamiliar.

We must never forget that we belong to a loving and sovereign God who has chosen us. He knows exactly how to get us from Point A to Point B, even when the Points are hidden from us in the dark. He has a plan for us, and He will guide us where we need to be to complete that plan. The best part is that He will never leave us! Forsaking us is NOT a part of that plan, and we will come to sense His presence more as we allow His Holy Spirit to illuminate the dark paths for us and take one baby step at a time as we are led.

Our God goes before us to make the rough places level for us. He knows where we can walk and where we can’t, so He clears the way for us. Rest assured that if you sense God is working in an area where you are not yet able to move, He is leveling out the rough places for you to walk safely through at the appointed time.

You are not forsaken; God is with you. You are not being pushed into some rough and unfamiliar territory; you are being guided by His righteous right hand to safety. God is making your paths straight and lighting your way as you trust Him. He has chosen you and not rejected you. You are His servant, and He will strengthen you, according to Isaiah 41: 9b-10. Look to Him, cling to Him, and listen for Him. On the other side of this wilderness is a Promised Land, and He, alone, can guide you there.

Have a blessed day!

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