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At Daybreak

Psalm 5:3

At daybreak, LORD, You hear my voice; at daybreak I plead my case to You and watch expectantly.

I’ve learned to recognize Psalms written by David by their personal appeal to God. You can sense David’s close relationship with the heavenly Father by his conversational stance and reverential awe. David took his concerns to God first thing every morning and just waited to see how God would work in his day. He set before us the example we all should follow in daily devotions.

Before David ever spoke a concern to anyone else, he took it to God. He saw the rest of the day as an opportunity for God to respond. He expected to get an answer from God and watched for it. Do we look to each day as an opportunity for God to speak to us while watching expectantly for Him to respond to our prayers, or do we pray prayers of desperation in response to the cares of this world while expecting the worst possible scenario?

I challenge you to try a new approach with me to your daily devotions. At the beginning of each day, take your concerns to God, and watch expectantly for how He will respond. Look for Him at every venue, and see what answers you receive. This morning I have three great concerns I’m taking to God at the break of day and just waiting to see what solutions He provides for me. These are all things beyond my control that require God’s divine intervention and my trust in Him. I expect to see my faith grow from placing them in God’s hands.

I’m convinced prayer is our best defense against enemy attacks, and our best offense toward his demise. The battles we face belong to the LORD, and it is time we let Him handle the things we cannot see while we responsibly address the matters at hand. We walk in His strength and not our own. Plead your case to God at daybreak, and watch Him break into your day!

Have a blessed day!

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