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Let Go and Receive

Genesis 17:17-18

Abraham fell to the ground, laughed, and thought in his heart, “Can a child be born to a hundred year-old man? Can Sarah, a ninety-year-old woman, give birth?” So Abraham said to God, “If only Ishmael could live in Your presence!”

Abraham looked at his condition and Sarah’s and thought they were beyond blessing. If only God would just bless him through Ishmael, that would be enough for him. God had something greater than Abraham’s mind could comprehend. His plan was to give Abraham a son through his wife, Sarah, and bless his lineage through her son. What Abraham could never do on his own, God would do through him in his old age. He was not beyond blessing or being used by God.

Sometimes we might want something so badly we can taste it, but we just can’t make it happen. Regardless of how hard we try, our efforts are just never good enough. When we finally give up trying and think we are far beyond ever receiving the very thing our heart so greatly desires, God shows up to bless us. Can we receive it when His blessing comes far later than we expected?

Abraham would have been content to just receive God’s blessing through Ishmael. If God would just allow Ishmael to live in His presence and bless him, Abraham would be happy. After all, he had no faith in his ability or Sarah’s to conceive and give birth. In this event, Abraham would learn that God’s blessing came totally from God, and his efforts really meant nothing. He could accept God’s blessing or reject it.

When God intends to bless you, your ability or inability really means nothing. He will do the work, and you can receive it or reject it. God gave His one and only Son to die for us so we could have a relationship with Him. Jesus did all the work on the cross. We either receive grace through His sacrifice, or we reject it. If we try to earn that salvation in any way, we have rejected the sacrifice. Our blessing comes when we let go of our own efforts to obtain it and just believe God and allow Him to work.

God still blesses His people. He still uses those of us who think we are too old or disqualified to be effective. If He ever gave you a promise that has not yet come to pass, He will show up to bless you when you least expect it. Believe Him again, and just allow Him to work in you. You don’t have to struggle or strive to receive His favor because you already have it. Just remain in His presence and be blessed.

Have a blessed day!

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