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Drawn by His Glory

John 6:44

No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up on the last day.

The Pharisees were complaining because Jesus said He was the bread of life that came down from heaven, indicating that He was the Son of God. They knew Him to be Joseph and Mary’s son. Just who did He think He was, and why did so many people follow Him? Jesus told them to stop their complaining. No one could come to Him unless the Father drew them to Him.

What Jesus was explaining to the Pharisees was that the people who followed Him were not attracted to His personality or His charisma. They were drawn to the glory of God in Him. People will always be drawn to the glory of God because it meets the needs of their personal longings. The glory of God completely satisfies and sustains. When people see that God is working in a church or a ministry, they want to be a part of it because nothing is more exciting, fulfilling, or satisfying that being a part of something God is doing.

Just as God sent Jesus to earth, He also sends us. He gives each of us a purpose and calls us to extend His kingdom on earth. Is there anything working in your life that reflects the glory of God? Does He have reason to draw people to you, your church, or your ministry? Personality or charisma will draw people only so far. Eventually personalities fail and will not ultimately sustain people. Only the Spirit of God can draw, develop, nourish, mature, and sustain.

May we be women who reflect the glory of God. May people be drawn to us because they see Christ at work in us. May our personalities surrender to His purpose, and may we always be a witness to His resurrection power and joy.

Have a blessed day!

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