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God’s Favor and Joy

Psalm 4:6-7

Many are saying, “Who can show us anything good?” Look on us with favor, LORD. You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and new wine abound.

Grain and new wine represent prosperous times. If we look only at prosperity as a sign of God’s favor, we have failed to understand the true nature of God. Only God can give us real joy, which is found in His presence. When we have His presence, we lose our need for other things and can enjoy the peace, safety, and security of knowing we are in His care. Prosperity alone can give us temporary satisfaction, but it can also create problems and a dependence upon things that really don’t matter. God desires for us to be dependent upon Him, and when we are, we can truly find the joy of His presence.

God’s favor can open doors for us that lead us to prosperity. God’s favor can give us influence in the lives of people who need Christ and in the eyes of those who can grant us promotion. God’s favor can instruct, heal, deliver, and bless us. God’s favor can grant us joy that prosperity cannot give us. Our goal in life should be to seek God’s favor by pleasing Him and not prosperity in order to be independent from Him.

No one can give you more joy than God can, and David knew this well. Submit your heart and your future to Him today, and learn to just enjoy His presence. Whatever need you have can be met by His favor. Your answer is not found in more prosperity; your answer is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Seek His favor and His presence, and you will find joy rising up in your heart.

Have a blessed day!

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