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Mighty Warrior

Judges 6:12

Then the Angel of the LORD appeared to him (Gideon) and said: “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.”

During the days of the judges, Israel operated in a cycle of dysfunction. They would sin, fall into bondage or oppression from the enemy, then turn to God and cry out for deliverance. God would always hear their cry and raise up a deliverer from their midst. God chose who He would use; Israel never selected their own deliverer by popular vote. God simply decided to show His favor upon someone and worked through that person. He has a way of making the ordinary extraordinary and the average exceptional as His presence is manifested in a life previously held captive by mediocrity with a desire to excel.

Gideon saw himself as small and weak as he hid in a wine vat to thresh wheat. If he was going to eat, he had to hide his crop from the enemy and harvest in secret. Many of us may be hiding our produce in secret, afraid of the overwhelming presence of the enemy in our lives. God wants to free us from strongholds that have set up authority in our lives to steal our gifts. How long will we remain in hiding? We will stay there as long as we see ourselves small and weak. When God reveals what He sees in us, it inspires us to break out of our caves and be who He has truly called us to be. He saw a mighty warrior in Gideon. What does He see in you?

God’s plan for us was never to keep us in hiding! Jesus came to give us life more abundantly in Him. He gave us authority over the enemy. Until we see what He has called us to be and the value He has placed inside us, we will be just like Gideon – hiding, complaining, and barely getting by. He is with us and has promised to never leave us. Dare to listen to the voice of God that calls you forward, and don’t be intimidated by the dominating presence of the enemy. The power of God in you is greater than the control of the enemy around you. Seek Him. Listen to Him. Ask for confirmation, which is not the same as doubt. God will be faithful to answer where you need Him. He will encourage you along the way to assure you. May we be women who are mighty warriors, rather than mighty hiders and complainers. Hiding and complaining will get us nowhere, but listening to God and acting on His call will deliver us from oppression. Rise up, oh mighty warrior! Your time is now!

Have a blessed day!

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