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Pressing Through

Isaiah 66:9

“Will I bring a baby to the point of birth and not deliver it?” says the LORD; “or will I who deliver, close the womb?” says your God.

We must learn to trust the heavenly Father with our pain. If God has brought pain, He is birthing something in you and will not allow the pain to come without delivering joy from it. A woman in labor has no choice but to push through the pain to delivery. While she may want to give up and run, the pain goes with her because of what God has placed inside her. If He has brought her to the point of pain, however, the delivery of joy is very near!

Are you hurting today? God has something wonderful for you on the other side of that pain. Keep pressing through it until you receive your joy. Trying to ignore or drown the pain with other things will only work for a little while. Sooner or later, the heavy contractions of labor will come that cannot be denied any longer. Press through the pain to receive your joy.

Whatever God births in you is destined to draw others to Him. Rejoice in the fact He is allowing you to be fruitful and multiply something for His kingdom. Your “baby” is the product of your intimacy with Him, and whatever He produces in you is well worth the struggle to deliver it. Your pain is only temporary, but what you are birthing is eternal. Don’t give up now; you are almost there!

Have a blessed day! 

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