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From Better to Blessed

Genesis 30:22-24

Then God remembered Rachel. He listened to her and opened her womb. She conceived and bore a son, and said, “God has taken away my shame.” She named him Joseph. “May the LORD add another son to me.”

Rachel was barren no more! When she gave birth to a son, her shame of barrenness was forever gone. She could now see herself in a different light and know that others would view her differently, as well. No longer scorned by her culture, she now had what other women had and could finally be considered a blessed woman. God remembered her sorrow and filled her void.

Remembered here means “to mark; to recognize.” Until now, God had seemingly ignored Rachel’s desire for a son. The second sentence says God listened to her. At first, we found Rachel demanding sons from Jacob. We then saw her give her servant to Jacob for sons. After that, she turned to mandrakes as a fertility drug. Finally, she cried out to God, and He listened to her. Only God could fill that inner longing, and Rachel learned to turn from other people and things to meet her need and to turn to God. When she did, God remembered her.

If we ignore God, we shouldn’t be surprised if He ignores us. He is our source – our provider, our protector, our everything. We must learn to turn to Him first and cry out to Him to fill those voids that only He can fill. Rachel could credit no one but God. She immediately gave Him praise, recognizing that He had taken away her shame. Having a son did not make her the better woman; it made her a blessed woman.

We all have voids we cannot fill, and only God can fill them. Stop looking to others and to things to fill that void, and look up to a Savior who has died to give you everything. Gaining your deep desires will not make you a better woman or bring you the significance you crave because you will always have more to prove as someone else does it better. When you finally accept who you are and realize your own lack of ability to be what you truly desire, you will become dependent upon the grace of God and be able to receive a blessing only He can give. Stop trying to be better, and submit to be blessed. God will take away your shame!

Have a blessed day!

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