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No Hope in a Horse

The horse is a false hope for safety; it provides no escape by its great power.

Horses were born to run. The greatest horses are those who are fast and strong. They make great race horses, are in high demand, and are considered to be very valuable. According to this verse, the horse is a false hope for safety. You cannot run from your problems. Sooner or later, they will catch up with you, and you will need the courage to face them down. The enemy will try to get you to run, but he is a coward when you resist him.

If a horse is not fast enough to be a race horse, his job is usually to work on a ranch or farm. This type of horse requires great strength and endurance. Works, however, will not provide a way of escape. No amount of self-effort can save us, bless us, or deliver us. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins, and His grace and forgiveness are what we need to live a life of purpose and reign with Him eternally.

You will not escape your problems or your enemy by running away or by working to pay something back. God has provided a way of escape, and it requires faith in His Son. Jesus faced death and the enemy on the cross, so there is no need to run. He paid the price for our sin, and all we have to do is receive. God has equipped us for good works through the Holy Spirit. We simply need to use what He has placed in our hands, and He will do the rest. Don’t place your bets on horses; you will surely lose. Cast all your cares upon the One who cares for you, and trust Him to work in your life by His great power.

Have a blessed day!

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