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Time to Move

Genesis 31:14-16

Then Rachel and Leah answered him, “Do we have any portion or inheritance in our father’s household? Are we not regarded by him as outsiders? For he has sold us and has certainly spent our money. In fact, all the wealth that God has taken from our father belongs to us and to our children. So do whatever God has said to you.

Laban had changed Jacob’s wages 10 times. Every time he changed his wages, God blessed Jacob in the order of the change. When Laban and Jacob were dividing speckled and non-speckled goats, God blessed Jacob’s portion. God’s hand was clearly on Jacob, and his flocks grew. Laban eventually became disturbed with Jacob’s wealth and treated him differently. Rachel and Leah saw it and realized they no longer had an inheritance with their father. They felt as if he had sold them for his own gain, and God’s blessing clearly resided with their husband. For once, the two quarreling, competing sisters were in agreement with themselves and with their husband. 

Rachel and Leah were ready to move away from their father. They wanted a new life with Jacob and encouraged him to do what God had told him to do. There is nothing that will bring unity to a household quicker than fighting a common cause together and recognizing the true enemy. Silly competition ends when you gain perspective of the big picture and begin to move in God’s direction. Finally, Rachel and Leah got a greater glimpse of God’s plan when they took their eyes off their own petty circumstances.

God has a big plan for your life. You will never find it by concentrating on the petty circumstances of your own insecurities. We can do remarkable things and realize big dreams when we turn away from our smallness and look to God’s greatness. Where has God blessed you? Stop focusing on the places where He isn’t working, and move in the direction of your blessing. Your destiny and the filling of your emptiness await in the place where He is directing you. If God isn’t moving there, you shouldn’t, either.  Move with Him, and He will take care of those minute details that derail you. Stop mumbling and start moving!

Have a blessed day!

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