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Life Worth Finding

Amos 5:4

For the LORD says to the house of Israel:  Seek Me and live!

This is such a timely word for us today. Too many people, including Christians, are seeking things that cannot satisfy. I see single people seeking to be married, and married people seeking to be single. I see some people trying to find a job and others trying to retire. Many are seeking wealth or pleasure, which are here today and gone tomorrow. The seeking cycle never ends. You find what you are seeking, enjoy it temporarily, become empty again, then start seeking all over. The things of this world consume us but never fill us.

What everyone needs is God’s divine favor in life. There is no blessing like the one God gives because when He blesses us, He adds no struggle to it, according to Proverbs 10:22. When God grants it to us, we don’t have to manipulate, cheat, or sin to get it. Our ultimate goal, however, should never be in the blessing. God, Himself, is the blessing we should seek. If He is in it, it is all worthwhile. If He is not in it, you don’t want it! Seek God, and truly live the life He has given you.

Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly, according to John 10:10. We find that abundant life by seeking Him. When we have Him and are in the center of His will, He will bring everything to pass that we need to be victorious in this life. We can truly live because we are in Him. That is what the late, great Adrian Rogers called a “life worth finding.”

God’s word to us has always been, “Seek Me and live!”  Stop chasing the thing you want to make you happy, and seek God’s will for your life. Every true blessing is found in His presence, and our greatest goal should be to find Him in everything we do. When we find Him, we find life, and He wants to be found. Ask Him to open your eyes today so you may seek Him and discover a life worth finding.

Have a blessed day!

PHOEBE Connections, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to enhancing the lives of widows by building relationships and helping them find new identity in Jesus Christ through serving others. We promote an atmosphere of fellowship, where the widow can connect with other widows to develop friendships and supportive relationships.