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Splendid and Majestic

Psalm 111:2-3

The LORD’s works are great; studied by all who delight in them. All that He does is splendid and majestic; His righteousness endures forever.

While it is easy to recognize the splendid works of God in creation, we often have difficulty seeing His majesty in the struggles of life. In fact, when we suffer the loss of a loved one, a setback, or a hardship of some type, we might feel as if God is harsh. We may feel as if He is punishing us or abandoning us, and the last thought in our minds is how beautiful or grand our situation may be. According to this passage, however, everything God does is splendid and majestic, and His works are great.

These verses hold great hope for us if we are encountering difficulty or struggle. While we may be getting a close-up view of the bad part of a situation, God is working something absolutely beautiful in it from the other end. Keep in mind that splendid, majestic mountains are beautiful to the sight but extremely difficult to climb. We may have to stand back from our struggle and get a different view of ourselves in order to see the beautiful thing God is doing.

Sometimes it helps to get a different perspective, and this may require taking a look back. While I often complain about things from my limited perspective and personal experience, I can count my blessings by remembering where I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and even one year ago. I can clearly see where God’s hand has guided me through struggles and given me victory. As Moses experienced in the cleft of the rock, we rarely see what God is doing in our lives during the hard times that require faith, but we can certainly see where He has been as we look back.

Realize that no matter how dismal a situation may appear to be in your life, the works of the LORD are great. He is the Master at bringing something good from the bad things of life. Whatever He is doing now will be splendid and majestic when He is finished!

Have a blessed day!

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