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His Salvation is Very Near

Psalm 85:9

His salvation is very near those who fear Him, so that glory may dwell in our land.

The enemy will certainly attack anyone who fears the Lord. Those who fear the Lord respect Him and obey Him. The Devil will seek to wear down the faith, hope, and joy of those who fear the Lord because they form a barrier of strength against him. God’s salvation, however, is near those who fear Him so they might run to Him and be renewed and revived, and God’s glory may dwell with them.

Where do you feel attacked today? Know that God’s salvation is near, and His glory waits to be revealed in that area. Where is the Devil placing an unreasonable demand upon you? God’s glory will be revealed there. Wherever the enemy has depleted you is an indication of the very place where God intends to bless you. Don’t despair; begin to praise God. When you come to a place where there is absolutely nothing you can do, you are a prime candidate for God’s glory to shine. Trust Him to fight the enemy for you and give you victory.

Have a blessed day!

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