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Singing Praises

Psalm 27:6

Then my head will be high above my enemies around me; I will offer sacrifices in His tent with shouts of joy. I will sing and make music to the LORD.

David wrote this Psalm as a song of praise to God – His stronghold. He had a deep, personal, intimate relationship with God that enabled him to be victorious over many enemies, and he was a man of praise. By resting in God as his strength and his shield, David would praise God in song for the victory he knew was his.

When the enemy surrounds you, your best defense is to seek God and praise Him. The Devil will try to take charge of your thoughts and emotions by getting you to focus on the problem and your inability to meet it on your own. If he can gain control of your emotions, he can defeat you. That is the danger of living out of your emotions – you can’t trust them because the enemy has too much influence over them. You must learn to take your stand in God’s word and rest upon its promise. When you do, you can count on God to be strong for you.

God does not dwell in our emotions; He dwells in our praises. Singing praises has the power to change our emotions because the Devil does not want to linger where God’s name is praised. Praising God is an act of faith, a proclamation of victory, and one of the greatest weapons you have against your enemy.

If you are feeling burdened with a spirit of depression, seek God’s presence and begin to sing praises to Him. If you are feeling threatened in any way, begin to sing praises to God. Turn on your favorite praise music and just sing along, or get in the shower and sing your heart out. God dwells in your praises, and He will give you the strength to overcome.

Have a blessed day!

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