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God’s Right Hand and Strong Arm

Isaiah 62:8

The LORD has sworn with His right hand and His strong arm; I will no longer give your grain to your enemies for food, and foreigners will not drink your new wine you have labored for.

God has promised to protect the work of our hands. He will grant us the things for which we labor. When we surrender in full to Him, He will assure that what is rightfully ours will be ours, and no one else can steal it from us.

This verse indicates that we will still have to work. God does not expect us to sit around and do nothing. He will protect the drink and new wine for which we have labored, meaning we have worked for it. In our Christian walk, we have to make an effort to grow in Christ through prayer, Bible study, service, and fellowship. As we do, the things we learn and apply are protected. God will not allow us to lose what we’ve gained as a result of following Him.

There is nothing stronger than God’s right hand and His strong arm. If His hand is protecting you, you are protected fully! You don’t have to worry about the enemy coming to steal, to kill, or to destroy what you have worked so hard to gain. God goes before you and has your back. His right hand and strong arm are working in your favor. Leave your worries, and rejoice in His faithful love toward you. Keep calm, and labor on!

Have a blessed day!

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