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Disgraced Fate

1 Kings 21:23

The LORD also speaks of Jezebel: The dogs will eat Jezebel in the plot of land at Jezreel.

When God speaks over me, I most certainly hope He speaks better than this! Jezebel was queen of Israel, but her fate was certainly not the honorable memory of a queen. Whatever God speaks will surely happen, and this word leaves nothing but disgrace to Israel’s queen. God wanted Israel to see what her wickedness produced and how He saw Queen Jezebel. If the dogs ate her flesh, there would be nothing to bury and nothing to memorialize. God saw her as so wicked that He wanted the very possibility of an honorable memory of her erased.

Jezebel was more than a Baal worshiper. She used her husband’s power to steal, to kill, and to destroy. Ahab’s authority was given to him by God, and Jezebel used this authority to kill a godly, innocent man named Naboth, who refused to give Ahab his vineyard. Ahab wanted the property, which fell next to the palace, for a vegetable garden. Naboth, however, would not give Ahab his father’s inheritance because it was rightfully his. Ahab engaged in a self-indulgent pity party over the matter, and Jezebel decided to take matters into her own hands to appease Ahab. She used his seal to write an edict to declare a fast and have Naboth seated at the head table with two wicked men opposite him. The two wicked men were to lie about him, saying he had cursed God and king. The penalty for such an act was stoning, and that is exactly what they did to Naboth. Ahab then took Naboth’s vineyard as his own possession. God found this act despicable and cursed Jezebel for her evil actions.

God has already proclaimed disgrace over the spirit of Jezebel in our day. Jezebel always brings shame and disgrace, and her legacy is never that of a loved, respected, or admired woman. She operates through deceit and will steal, kill, and destroy to get the power and possessions she wants. God will not allow her wicked schemes to prevail, and He will never honor her among His people. When we see this spirit at work, we can proclaim God’s word over it and decree that it will not succeed over us. As a widow, you have God as your protector, and there is no greater source! He is your defender, provider, comforter, and companion. Jezebel has no authority over you, and God has already pronounced her judgment. Determine to be a woman of honor, and watch God demonstrate His glory through you.

Have a blessed day!

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