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God’s Perfect Way

Psalm 18:30

God – His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is pure. He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him.

If God has stated something is wrong, it is wrong. If He has declared a matter righteous, it is righteous. His word is pure, and He sets the standards by which we will all one day be judged before Him. Just because the world tolerates it, condones it, and even encourages it, does not mean God accepts it. His word is pure, true, and completely reliable. We can take refuge in that which we know to be truth.

We tend to accept that which suits our flesh and best represents our flawed ideals. We cannot expect God to be a shield for us if we have lowered Him to our image. Only when we acknowledge Him as greater than ourselves and submit our will to His can we rely upon Him as a shield to protect us from dangers we cannot see or imagine. If we ignore the purity and truth of His word and live by our own conveniences, we forfeit His protection and fall subject to the penalties of our chosen sin.

We have the opportunity, however, to live in grace. Grace does not condone our sin; it helps us overcome it. When we realize and admit our sinful condition and turn to God in full acceptance of His perfect word, His grace covers our sin as a shield. We can take refuge in the shed blood of Christ, which paid the full price for our sin.

Accept God’s word as absolute truth today, and turn completely to Him. Cry out to Him for every need you have, and give Him every pain. Wherever you may have failed in life, Jesus is your shield. Trade your own righteousness for His, and find God reaching out to help you find your way. His way is perfect, and He will not fail you.

Have a blessed day!

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