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Learning to Move with God

Psalm 127:1

Unless the LORD builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain; unless the LORD watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain.

Have you ever tried your hardest to make something work, but it just wouldn’t?  Have you ever exhausted all your efforts to see little in return? Have you ever tried to save relationships that just couldn’t seem to be salvaged? Unless the LORD is in it, He will not bless it.

Many times we make the mistake of trying to do something and asking the LORD to bless our plans. God, however, is not interested in our plan; He is working His plan. Author of Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby, has some great advice in fulfilling the plan God has for us. He states we should watch to see where God is moving in our lives, then move with Him. God is always at work fulfilling His purpose, and He often doesn’t include our agendas. We need to see where God is working and be willing to work with Him.

When we begin to move with God and cooperate with His plan, we find that He blesses us in the process. We have to learn to get on His page and not demand that He get on ours. Our own agendas will not bring us the ultimate satisfaction we think they will, anyway. When we begin to move in rhythm with God, He fulfills our deepest longings, and we find significance. We also enjoy the excitement of being a part of a great move of God.

Are you frustrated in a particular area of your life? Have you prayed and prayed and seen no results? Submit that area completely to God, and pay attention to where He is moving. Join in His work, even if it seems small at the moment. Ask Him for new opportunities that involve His plan and His purpose. He will be faithful to answer. God will handle your area of concern when you become concerned about His plan. He is training you to hear His voice and follow His lead. He is watching over you and is trying to move you in the right direction. Just pay attention.

Have a blessed day!

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