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Perform Valiantly

Psalm 108:13

With God we will perform valiantly; He will trample our foes.

What a wonderful word of encouragement we have to face our battles today! With God, we will be valiant – courageous, unafraid, fearless. Does that sound like us? I must admit that I find myself less valiant and more worried or anxious at times. The thought of facing certain foes or possibilities that could come against me makes me feel anything but courageous, and I often wish I could just pull up a blanket and hide. God didn’t call us to hide from our problems, however, and He promised to be with us always.

When we are worried or filled with doubt, we are facing things in our own strength. We are looking at our situation and trying to determine what we can do with our own resources and how we can strategize to try to maneuver from impending doom. This verse clearly tells us that God will trample our foes. If He is with us, we can expect Him to act on our behalf. He not only created us, but He is our provider and our protector. We can perform valiantly because of His power and not our own.

Are you worried or anxious about anything today? Turn your focus from yourself and hand your situation to God. With Him, you can perform valiantly and face that situation head-on. If He has called you to it, He will not abandon you through it! You don’t have to conquer that giant in your own strength. He will trample your foes for you. Look to Him and lean on Him daily. He is your strength and your mighty warrior to save you. If He overcame death and the grave, don’t you think He can handle your little problem?

Have a blessed day!

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