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Psalm 27:7

A person who is full tramples on a honeycomb, but to a hungry person, any bitter thing is sweet.

A honeycomb is a luscious find and sweet to the taste. Those fortunate enough to find one has a real treat. Someone who is full and has no hunger or need, however, cannot fully appreciate the honeycomb’s value and may take it for granted. To the hungry person who has been denied, even something the full might consider bitter seems sweet and is appreciated.

God satisfies the hungry. Unless you are hungry or have something to fill, you cannot fully receive nor appreciate God’s blessing. In fact, He sometimes has to empty us just so He can fill us with something better. We may be called to give up the good just so we can experience the great God has planned for us.

God may also bless us with honeycombs, but we don’t appreciate them until we are hungry. We may tend to ignore them or even discard them simply because we think they are a nuisance or not important. The things we take for granted are often the very thing we miss most when we become empty.

Is your life too full to be blessed? Are you hungry enough to be satisfied by God? Has He placed honeycombs in your life that you are taking for granted? Take time today to evaluate your life and consider the direction you are heading. Have you made room for God to bless you, or are you filling your life with things that can only temporarily satisfy? Rid yourselves of the clutter of immediate gratification, and ask God to fill your need permanently. Be willing to trade what is good for what is truly great, and fulfill a purpose greater than yourself.

Have a blessed day!

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