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You Will Triumph

Psalm 108:7

God has spoken in His sanctuary; I will triumph! I will divide Shechem. I will apportion the Valley of Succoth.

God has already spoken victory over you, and whatever He speaks comes into being. You will triumph over your current battles, and the war is already won! Your job now is to believe you have victory and to march forward.

Shechem was a place in Palestine meaning “ridge.” The Valley of Succoth was a place in Palestine, as well. Succoth means “booths.” A ridge is usually considered a high place, and a valley is a low place. Whether you have come to the border of a high place or confined in a booth in a low place, God says you will triumph!

To divide Shechem means to separate it evenly or carefully. To apportion the Valley of Succoth also means to divide carefully and distribute appropriately. In your victories, you have something to give to others. Every time you take ownership over your weaknesses and gain victory in an area, you have hope and encouragement to give to others who are struggling with the same issues.

God has already spoken your victory over you. Your victory will lead others into victory, as well. Take heart, and go forth and conquer!

Have a blessed day!

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