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Power or Wrath

Isaiah 66:14

You will see, you will rejoice, and you will flourish like grass; then the LORD’s power will be revealed to His servants, but He will show His wrath against His enemies.

If you are a child of God, His intent is not to destroy you; He desires to reveal His power and His glory to you and through you. When we face trying times, hardships, tragedy, loss, or setbacks, we may feel like God is mad at us or that His hand is against us. We must remember that God is a Father who loves His children dearly, and He uses such things as opportunities to mature us in our faith. Everything He allows in our lives is designed to increase our faith.

God shows His wrath against His enemies. His enemies are those who attack His Word and outright rebel against Him. His enemies are those who refuse the gospel and the sacrifice of His Son. Many believe that a loving and just God could never punish anyone by sending them to a place as awful as hell. As a Father of an only begotten Son, He will certainly execute wrath on those who deny or reject His beloved Son. How you treat Jesus determines if you are God’s child or His enemy.

I want to see clearly, to rejoice, and to flourish like grass. Most importantly, however, I want to see God’s power and His glory revealed in my life. I want to see Him destroy His enemies and know that He did it all for me. We have this promise clearly written in Isaiah upon which we can stand in confidence and know that when we encounter hurt and disappointment, God is not finished with the situation yet. There is more to come, and we can expect it to be something for which we can rejoice! Faith begins and ends with Jesus. When we believe in Him and submit to His lordship, we can expect to ultimately rejoice and experience God’s power. If we reject Him and rebel against Him, we will encounter God’s wrath. I choose His power, and I hope you do, too!

Have a blessed day!

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