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Understanding Everything

Proverbs 28:5

Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand everything.

When someone who has done wrong is called into account for wrong actions, we call it justice. When a crime is committed, authorities search for the guilty party in order to serve justice to the injured party. Evil men, however, have no regard for the law and don’t understand that, eventually, their wrong actions will cost them. The evil in their hearts blinds them from seeing their actions as evil, and they often shift the blame to someone else. Failing to assume responsibility creates a victim mentality, in which someone else should have to pay. Evil men are often victims, themselves, who have taken matters into their own hands and have become perpetrators. By seeking their own justice, they misunderstand how their evil does not correct a wrong done to them.

I once knew a young woman who blamed her lover’s lost position on gossip. If people hadn’t talked about their adulterous affair, he would not have been disrespected or disgraced when caught. Another young woman felt outraged and abused when a local government garnished her wages for failing to pay a large bill several years ago. She thought she had avoided her responsibility, but it eventually caught up with her. In each case, the guilty party felt like the victim and failed to understand how justice worked.

Those that seek the LORD, however, understand everything. All of our answers are found in Him. When we are truly victims of someone else’s irresponsibility or wicked intentions, we are to seek God, who knows how to call the guilty into account. The willingness to seek God in the matter brings us the understanding we need. We may not have the answers to all of our questions, but we have the Answer, Himself. By surrendering to God, the Holy Spirit will also reveal to us how our wrong actions have affected others and offended God. By grace, we are able to repent and overcome the sin that keeps us from a right relationship with God.

Are you suffering from someone else’s irresponsibility or wrong actions today? If so, seek God in the matter, rather than trying to take justice into your own hands and becoming a perpetrator, yourself. Are you suffering from the result of your own poor judgment or sin? Seek God, admit your sin, and find forgiveness. He is the ultimate judge, and our peace is found through a right relationship with Him through Christ. By understanding this one thing, we have understanding in everything.

Have a blessed day!

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