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Shame of the Lesser God

Psalm 97:7

All who serve carved images, those who boast in idols, will be put to shame. All the gods must worship Him.

We live in a scientific age that admires the faculties of the human mind, yet scientists study monkeys – a lower life form – to try to understand who man is. We were created by God in His own image – a higher life form. To properly understand who we are, we need to look at our true origin. God created both man and monkey, and anything created must worship Him. To create a god in our own image is to merely worship ourselves and our own ideologies, philosophies, and selfish ambitions. If there is a God – and substantial evidence exists to prove there is – He must be greater than the thing He created.

The false doctrine that “God wants me to be happy” has deceived many in the church. God wants us to glorify Him. If we choose to serve the god of selfishness in hopes of becoming happy, we will destroy every God-given relationship in our lives and never be truly happy. When we worship God and glorify Him, we find happiness as a result of being in the center of His will. Happiness cannot be the pursuit because few of us know what will truly make us happy. What makes us happy today may bore us tomorrow. The things we throw away in search of happiness may be the very thing we need to overcome the unforeseen hurdles life brings our way. The god of self will always shame us in the end.

All gods from the intellectual to the selfish must serve the one true God. They cannot ultimately satisfy the constant longing within us for relationship with our Creator. Contrary to popular rhetoric, God never called us to be true to ourselves. He called us to be true to Him and His word. Until we serve the purpose we were created to serve, we will always feel the emptiness and void of an unfulfilled life. Even our best intentions prove wrong in the end if we worship what we create, rather than the Creator, Himself.

Don’t let another day go by serving a god that is lesser than the One who created you. If intellect or happiness has been your pursuit, run in the direction of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Anything you have placed as a priority before Him will ultimately shame you, but He never will! Those who hope in Him will never be disgraced.

Have a blessed day!

PHOEBE Connections, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to enhancing the lives of widows by building relationships and helping them find new identity in Jesus Christ through serving others. We promote an atmosphere of fellowship, where the widow can connect with other widows to develop friendships and supportive relationships.