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The LORD Accepts Your Prayer

Psalm 6:9

The LORD has heard my plea for help; the LORD accepts my prayer.

I’m convinced we do not value enough our access to the very throne of God. Praying is not merely wishing, and wishing is not praying. We should never confuse the two. A wish has no power, but a prayer spoken to the Almighty Creator of the universe has great power when fully submitted to Him.

When we pray, we acknowledge that we cannot handle a matter on our own. David authored this Psalm, recognizing God as his help. Whenever we need help beyond our own strength, we should follow David’s example and cry out to God. We can lean on His strength and ability when we have none left.

David also knew that God accepted his prayer. Many people feel that God will not hear their prayers because of sin or failure, but Jesus has already paid the price for our sins. We need only to repent of those sins and allow the blood of Jesus to cover them. God accepts the righteousness of Christ, and in Him we are found righteous. God hears our prayers, and Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. Turning from sin and to God always brings His acceptance.

Stop wishing and start praying. Don’t allow previous disappointment to prevent you from asking God for what you need now. An unanswered prayer may be protection from unforeseen trouble, a delay due to perfect timing, or God could be working behind the scenes in ways you will never know until He is ready to reveal His glory.  Ask God for exactly what you want, and know that He hears your prayers. No matter is too big or too small to take to Him. He hears your plea and accepts your prayer, and He has the power to answer. Submit the matter fully to Him, and wait for Him to respond. He will draw you even closer to Himself as He begins to answer in ways you never expected.

Have a blessed day!

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