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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Isaiah 61:11

For as the earth brings forth its growth, and as a garden enables what is sown to spring up, so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations.

The earth brings forth whatever you plant in it. The soil nurtures the seed and enables whatever has been sown to spring up. In the same way, God plants righteousness and praise within His people. He nurtures what He has planted in us so that at just the right time, we experience a harvest that displays His glory and the work of His hand before a world that desperately needs to know Him.

God has planted something in you that He wants to come forth. Some gardens take longer to grow than others. What flourishes in one garden might not flourish quite as well in another. Still, God uses the soil of our hearts in whatever condition it may be to plant a seed that will produce a harvest that depicts His glory. We do well to find what He has planted in us and begin to nurture that seed and work the ground of our hearts to bring forth that harvest in the best condition it can be.

The seed God plants in us is our passion – our spiritual gift. What do we love to do more than anything else? What drives our thinking? How are we wired? What love has He given us that we feel compelled to express? God has given us the righteousness of Christ within us. He has given us praise within our hearts to express our love to Him. Whatever He has planted in us will depict these two things and reflect His glory before the nations.

Bring forth what God has placed in you. Nurture that seed of passion until it just comes growing forth as a vine from you. Use whatever gift God has given you to build His kingdom and not your own. Whatever He has planted in you will display the righteousness of Christ and bring praise to Him. Expect a bountiful harvest, and look for your garden to grow!

Have a blessed day!

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