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Words of Eternal Life

John 6:68-69

Simon Peter answered, “Lord, who will we go to? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that You are the Holy One of God!”

Peter knew he had come too far with the Lord to turn back. He had learned too much truth to successfully walk in his old way of life again, and he would soon learn that he would not be able to run from that truth. While he would later deny Jesus and even try to return to his life as a fisherman, he was forever divinely ruined for God’s purpose.

When hard times hit us, we have nowhere else to turn but to Jesus. Only He has the words of eternal life for us that we need to continue to survive. Holding on to every word that we receive from Him during those times helps build our faith as we see His perfect plan emerge. Through these times, we come to see the evidence of Jesus as the Holy One of God.

God’s word refreshes and encourages us. His word edifies and uplifts us to a point where we have the faith to believe and to receive from Him. His word changes our thinking from being victims to being victors who overcome adversity. Eternal life springs forth from His word and begins to permeate our being, giving us a passion for living that only God can give.

You can easily spot the words of the Devil from the words of God. Satan’s word to you will always try to destroy you, tear you down, or even paralyze you. God’s word, however, will encourage you, inspire you, and give you a desire to move forward and beyond your hurts. The Devil’s word will bring death to your spirit, while God’s word will bring life.

Peter knew he had no one else to whom he could turn. Neither do we. Jesus has the words of eternal life for all of our situations, and we must believe He is the Holy One of God. Whatever life may throw at us, He has the answer. He is the answer! Turn to Him today and find what He has to say to you. There is no better place to run than into His arms.

Have a blessed day!

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