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Purpose Over Prize

Isaiah 22:22

I will place the key of the House of David on his shoulder; what he opens, no one can close; what he closes, no one can open.

This verse refers to Eliakim, who was steward of the House of David (palace) at the time of Sennacherib’s attack. God gave this steward authority to care for the house by giving him the key. With this key, he could open doors and shut them according to his purpose, which was to care for the operation and well-being of the house.

There may come times in our lives when we face closed doors. Closed doors can hinder us from fulfilling our purpose, but God will give a key to His trusted servants to watch over His household. When He does, that servant has the authority to open and close doors for whatever is needed.

We often think about open and closed doors from the old game show, “Let’s Make a Deal.” In that show, contestants were given a choice on which door to open, and they got to keep whatever was behind the door they chose. The prize could be something wonderful and exciting, or it could be something silly or disappointing. The hope and goal was to choose the door with the best prize.

In God’s Kingdom, however, we don’t choose which doors to open. Our doors aren’t for prizes; they are for purpose. Eliakim was placed in charge when the enemy had threatened to attack, so the doors he opened and closed were for serious times. God still uses His servants to open doors for others to carry out His purpose. When we find an open door, we aren’t to bargain with God on whether or not to keep the prize. We are to walk through it with purpose. If a door is closed, we must trust the matters behind it are not for us to handle at this time and go another direction.

God is not playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with us. He is placing people in position for purpose because the enemy is attacking. If God has opened a door for you, no one else can close it. It is your door. If He has closed a door, don’t try to break it down; you aren’t equipped to handle what is on the other side at this time. He may choose to open that door at a later date, but trust His timing. Make purpose – not prize – your goal. You may be surprised what doors open when you change your focus!

Have a blessed day!

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