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The Warrior’s Prayer

Psalm 20:4

May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose.

This psalm was written by David as a part of a song for the choir director. The first four verses of this psalm were records of intercession of the people on behalf of David as he prayed for victory in battle.  They asked God to give David that for which he was praying specifically.

Today, you and I are in a battle. Without a doubt, you must feel its stress upon you at times. Something in your life is missing or threatened. Something afflicts you, annoys you, antagonizes you, or outright attacks you. Something or, perhaps someone, doesn’t want you to fulfill your purpose in Christ. You face opposition, and it weighs heavily upon you at times. During those times, it is very important to pray specifically for what you want. Don’t lose hope, even though you are in the thick of battle and things are not looking well. Continue to pray, and surround yourself with intercessors who will lift you up and pray for you. 

If God has placed a desire in your heart, the devil will try to snuff it out because it is a threat to him.  Your God-given desires are linked to your purpose, and your purpose is to defeat the enemy and glorify God. Pray specifically for what you want. It is a powerful tool against your enemy! His greatest tactic against you is to try to steal your hope so you will cease to pray. Pray anyway, knowing that God will finish what He started in you. He designed you, and He will declare the victory for you. 

May God give you what your heart desires today so that He may fulfill His whole purpose in you. This is my prayer for you today as you battle your enemy. Pray this prayer for those around you and for those you love. David was the greatest warrior king Israel has ever known, and we serve His descendant today as our risen Savior! He intercedes for us daily, and we know God always answers His prayers. Be encouraged today, knowing that prayers of intercession are lifting you up and declaring God’s glory be revealed in your life.

Have a blessed day!

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