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The King’s Approval

Esther 5:2

As soon as the king saw Queen Esther standing in the courtyard, she won his approval. The king extended the golden scepter in his hand toward Esther, and she approached and touched the tip of the scepter.

Esther needed to make an appeal on behalf of her people in order to save them from annihilation. Under Persian law, she could only approach the king if he called for her. He had not asked for her in 30 days. If he was not pleased to see her when she approached him, he could order her to be put to death. Her appearance in the courtyard was certainly an act of bravery.

Immediately, when the king saw her, she won his approval. She did not have to do anything to impress him or earn his favor. He was delighted to see her, and in the following verses, he offered her anything she wanted – up to half the kingdom. That is some serious favor!

There are times when God does not seem to be asking for us. We may not see His working in our lives, and everything we do seems to fail or have no effect. While we may feel He is not pleased with us, we should never fear approaching His throne in our time of need. When we come before His throne of grace, we have His approval.

God is not mad at us, and He will not destroy us for asking in our time of need. While He may take measures to correct us if needed, His intention is to draw us into a closer relationship with Him and to increase our faith. He may not give us everything we ask, but He is working everything in our best interest. We need merely to submit the matter to Him and leave it in His care.

Approach the throne of grace with full assurance that God will be pleased to see you. His golden scepter is extended toward you, and He will welcome you into His presence. Don’t mistake your failure or your current struggle for disapproval. You are His chosen bride, and He approves of you.

Have a blessed day!

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