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Gather the Harvest

Isaiah 62:9

For those who gather grain will eat it and praise the LORD, and those who harvest the grapes will drink the wine in My holy courts.

God promises to give us what is rightfully ours. If we gather the grain, we will eat it. Nothing is promised to those who will not gather grain. God will protect our crop and bless the works of our hands, but we must be willing to go forth into our field and gather.

In God’s court, those who harvest the grapes will drink the wine. When we go before Him to ask for something, we must be sure we are asking for something that should be ours. To wish for another’s success or to desire what another has is envy. God has a plan for you, and when you seek Him, His plan for you will unfold. Seeing ourselves as a failure in comparison to another is simply failure to attend to our own harvest. God has promised us a harvest, but we have to be working in our own field or vineyard to receive it. We must be careful not to pay too much attention to another’s vineyard that we fail to care for our own.

Ask God to help you clearly see your own field and vineyard today. Begin to harvest the grain and grapes He has provided for you. This is your inheritance, and the Devil would love to steal your harvest from you. He can do this only if you fail to gather. Go forth and fill your storehouse! Eat, drink, and praise the LORD for His abundance!

Have a blessed day!

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