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The Bread of Presence

Exodus 25:30

Put the bread of the Presence on the table before Me at all times.

As God gave instructions to build the temple, He instructed them to prepare a table before Him. When the priest came before Him, he was to have 12 loaves of bread on the table to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. This bread was called showbread to show that the priest had been in God’s presence. The HCSB translates this as bread of Presence. The bread was not offered as a sacrifice; the priest was to eat it on behalf of each tribe. 

Jesus gave us a model prayer to pray in Matthew 6, where verse 11 instructs us to pray, “Give us today our daily bread.” We are all priests as believers. When we go before God on a daily basis, He will never leave us hungry. He feeds us with the bread of His Presence to equip us and nourish us for each day’s journey. 

The bread of Presence was to be on the table at all times. Any time and every time we experience the Presence of God, we can expect to be fed. He has an unending supply for us. We have no need to go anywhere else. In fact, if I ate 12 loaves of bread, I would be full to overflowing! This is exactly how He wants us to leave His Presence so we might take what He has given us and use it to minister to others. 

Experience the bread of His Presence today, and be full to overflowing. He has an abundant supply waiting for you at all times, and He will not allow you to leave His Presence hungry. Linger a little longer in His presence today. You’ll find Him to be both warm and satisfying!

Have a blessed day!

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