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Release Through Prayer

Psalm 38:9

Lord, my every desire is known to You; my sighing is not hidden from You.

While it is true that God knows every hidden thought, deep emotion, ugly detail, and secret desire of our lives, He still expects us to pray about those things. In fact, He does nothing except in response to prayer. David was a man who poured his heart out to God in prayer. Here, he acknowledges the fact that God knew everything not just because He was God and knew all things but because David had not kept those things to himself. He had taken every desire to God in prayer.

When we pray and release a matter to God, He goes to work on our behalf. We may not see the answer right away, but God is still at work in the midst of things, expecting us to trust Him. Many times I’ve known what needed to happen in a situation and have been unable to do it myself. After surrendering the matter fully to God, I’ve later seen that very thing take place. God often works internally within the hearts of men before we see anything externally. Only He can do that internal work. We must allow the Holy Spirit to work where He is anointed to work and we are not.

Pour every desire and concern of your heart out to God today. You may know exactly what needs to happen, but God may need to work in someone else’s heart before it can happen. Trust Him to take care of the matter in His timing, and just cool your jets until He does. Sometimes the urgency we feel is simply a call to prayer, so pray about everything. Trust more in your prayers than in your actions. God hears you; He’s just waiting for you to trust Him.

Have a blessed day!

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