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The God of More than Enough

Joel. 2:23

Children of Zion, rejoice and be glad in the LORD your God, because He gives you the autumn rain for your vindication. He sends showers for you, both autumn and spring rain as before.

The children of Israel made the grave mistake of adding Baal worship to their religious practices. Yahweh had revealed Himself to them as a powerful and protective God as He led them out of slavery and into the Promised Land. While they still worshipped Him as their main God in times of crises, they just decided to add a lesser god to their worship – a god of prosperity and fertility.

When the Israelites entered Canaan, they had come from a dry, desert place, where many tended sheep. In Canaan, they found lush, green farms and bountiful harvests. They mistakenly attributed the wealth of this new land to the Canaanite god, Baal. The Canaanites believed Baal provided rain for their crops and fertility for children, thereby, blessing them with prosperity. Instead of destroying these lesser gods and fully establishing the worship of Yahweh, they slowly incorporated the pagan religious practices of Baal into their culture.

While the Israelites did not abandon their worship of Yahweh, they added Baal to their worship, as if Yahweh were not enough. They saw Yahweh as the God of power who had protected them and delivered them from slavery into this new Promised Land. They definitely wanted Him there in times of crises. This new god, however, provided wealth and provisions that would not require the everyday trust in Yahweh as Provider. They chose to compromise and try to worship both.

We’ve all seen people who claim to be Christian, yet they turn to God only in times of crises. When times are good, they neglect God for “other things.” They seek to honor or “worship” those things that benefit them on a daily basis. Should a tragedy or a storm occur, however, they run to God for protection and/or rescue.

God wants us to worship Him from an undivided heart. He is jealous for us, and He instructs us here to rejoice and be glad in Him because He is the one who gives us the rain we need for real prosperity. Christ came so we could have life and have it more abundantly so that we would bear the fruit of the Spirit. He is the One who truly provides, and our attempts to compromise will only leave us spiritually weak and ineffective. Just as we can count on Him to protect us and deliver us from evil, we can also trust Him to provide for our daily needs. Anything that eliminates or diminishes our trust in God is merely a lesser god we are serving.

Determine today to worship God only. There is no need to depend upon anyone else or anything else. If God is not in it, you really don’t want it! He is all powerful, and any real blessing you receive comes from Him. Rejoice today that you can run to Him in the hard times and depend upon Him daily for your every need. He is all powerful, all providing, and all you will ever need. He is the God of more than enough!

Have a blessed day!

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